Meetings represent 16 percent of all activities

Employees say that they only spend 45 percent of their time at work actually completing their primary job duties. That means more than half of their hours at the office are spent doing other things, Catherine Clifford, Entrepreneur Staff, summarizes a study. The survey of 2’000 office workers was conducted by management software developer AtTask and market research firm Harris Interactive.

Besides primary job duties the most time consuming activities are meetings (16% of all activities) outnumbering even email representing 14% of all activities.  Let’s focus on meetings and how to manage meetings better.

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How One Meeting Can Waste 300,000 Company Hours

Research shows that 15 percent of an organization’s time is spent in meetings – a percentage that is increasing.

Time is an organization’s scarcest – and most often squandered – resource. The number of people at a meeting can exponentially deplete the company’s time. For example, five people in a one hour meeting isn’t one hour lost. Rather, it’s five hours lost (plus the combined time it took to prepare for that meeting). So before you schedule your next meeting, think long and hard about time is being spent for the desired level of output. Hamza Khan.

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