What kind of meetings do you like?

I love meetings. Good meetings have a purpose and a clear outcome. But there are different flavours of meetings. So my question, what type of meeting do you like?

The well structured and carefully planned type

You love to have a plan. Each minute in a meeting is dedicated to a purpose. You expect that all meeting participants are prepared and bring their deliverables. All to-dos are managed and done. Your feel satisfied, if a meeting starts and finishes in time!

The brainstormer

Yes you have a problem and this problem must be solved. Or there is something new to explore. You love to have open discussions, but at the end of the meeting you can take all needed conclusions. Your meeting participants should bring their creativity and their brain to the meeting! The meeting is the moment, where new ideas are born!

The intuitive leader

You need meetings as one of your way to lead your team. You use meetings to bring the vision to the participants, but also to feel their heart beat. But that’s not all, problems can be solved, if they exists, new ideas can be born and also work can be done!

But there is more

Yes a lot more. How do you lead meetings, what type of meeting do you like? Give us feedback and an idea. Let’s see how GoodMeeting can support your style.


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